I Know How to Learn: Successful Start to College with a Learning Difference

Kids' Classes, Groups, Teams & Tutors
East Bay
Teens, Young Adults

This workshop begins the learning process for a college student to navigate and be successful in their new environment. Students with learning differences will learn the tasks to secure the resources and support they need to be successful while staying resilient and joyful.

  • Free one and half hour session.
  • Designed for those starting college and their parents.
  • Format is interactive to support conversations on areas of concern.
  • Ten Essential Tasks will be presented ranging from legal necessities to self-care.
  • Workbook provided that will have exercises and lead to the next steps when on campus.

Please email to request more information and schedule a session for your family. Office is located in the Lake Merritt area and Covid safety protocols will be observed.

Shawn Usha has worked in private and public colleges providing learning support for students. Shawn maintains a private practice, virtual and in-person, as an educational therapist providing coaching and academic skill building for middle school to college students.

Shawn Usha
shawnusha [at] iknowhowtolearn.com