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Dear BPN Community,

I Know How to Learn is now providing interactive tutoring support focusing on the needs of high school and college students. Shawn Usha works as a learning disability specialist at a local college. He has over ten years of experience as an educational therapist in a private setting and worked as the Educational Testing Coordinator at the Ann Martin Center. Shawn provides individualized and structured learning solutions for students having challenges with written text (reading and writing), particularly with adjusting to the online learning environment. Shawn is very experienced with coaching students with reading strategies – vocabulary development, note taking, memorization, understanding concepts and content organization, preparing for tests – and writing strategies – working inductively from disparate ideas and facts to themes and main idea, working in stages to develop best expression and organization of ideas, spelling and writing mechanics, developing personal voice and point of view.

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Check out our website www.iknowhowtolearn.com

Yours in community, health, and learning success with joy. Shawn Usha

Shawn Usha
shawnusha [at] iknowhowtolearn.com