High Road Scholars: A Tropical Winter Service Learning Journey for Teens

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Preteens, Teens, Young Adults

Tropical Winter Odyssey exploring the nature of you on the Big Island

Kona, Hawaii

February 17- February 24, 2024

This program aims to foster good ways of being with the self, within community, and the keepers of beautiful earth 

Stay with us on a 3 acre organic permaculture farm, a verdant oasis blooming medicinal, culinary, and ornamental plants from around the world,  captivating outdoor spaces, and plush farm animals

Forge a sense of belonging with restorative circles which brandish self confidence, skill building, social emotional intelligence, leadership, and inter- dependence

Sink your hands into black gold as we focus on earth stewardship: reverential planting, harvesting, and restoring the land of Hawaii Nei 

Reciprocate the good will of the people and the place through our ecological service learning project, applying techniques  of “weaving” and “felting” the land.

Syncopate spirits and rhythms in authentically Hawaiian hula dance, lei making, and plentiful indigenous arts 

Hear of Hawaiian mythology in talk story from a Native tale weaver archiving the origins of Hawaii “the floating garden”

Visit a celestial light show that captivates the telescopic gaze of the curious and enthused astronomer at the University of Hawaii’s observatory located at sacred Mauna Kea’s volcanic summit

Proudly don the hat of farmer and chef as we collectively create meals from a stunning garden of eating 

Accommodations include 

Air fare and ground transportation 

Outstandingly flavorful 3 meals a day, designed to accommodate an omnivore’s diet 

Service learning component 

Experienced youth mentorship and guidance 

Enchanting tent lodging under constellations of laughing stars at the Akahiao Nature Institute. In door bathrooms and showers are available

Cost: $4,000

Email highroadscholars [at] gmail.com to sign up 

Hanan Masri
Highroadscholars [at] gmail.com