High Road Scholars: Saturday Sessions with Young People in Nature!

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School-Aged, Preteens

    Is your young person looking to engage outdoor adventures with others? We now offer "Off Screen" Saturday Sessions. We are experienced and passionate Bay Area teachers with over 40 years of experience combined.

    Saturday, April 8th

     9am- 3 pm

    Foraging and Outdoor Cooking on Mount Tam: Come forage spring bounty: miner's lettuce, chickweed, oxalis, pine tips, and more. Then we will cook and dine for lunch. The menu may include pizza with foraged toppings in an outdoor oven, foraged salad, herbal infused drinks, and candy cap mushroom desserts!

     Cost: $275

Saturday, April 22

  8:15 am- 3 pm    Sailing in Sausalito Bay: Come learn some foundational sailing skills. Afterwards try your hand at it on the Bay with a team of new friends!      Cost: $225    Pick up/ Drop off: Live Oak Park, Berkeley. We provide transportation to the adventures.  

Hanan Masri
hananmasri006 [at] gmail.com