Habitot Children's Museum: Habitot's Virtual Early Childhood Safety Campaign

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Habitot's Annual Early childhood Safety Campaign is going virtual! You won't want to miss free funny and informative videos and kid-friendly puppet shows from safety experts! Giveaways of toddler and preschool bicycle helmets, hand-crank radios, first aid kits and toys! Contests and prizes! Sign-up to receive safety campaign announcements: https://www.habitot.org/blog/ and follow us on social media: Habitot Children's Museum on Youtube, @habitot on Instagram and Habitot Children's Museum on Facebook! The campaign lasts all month long January 4th-31st. Jan 4-9 is Fire Safety Week, Jan 11-16 is Carseat and Bicycle Safety Week, Jan 18-23 is Emergency Preparedness and Home Safety Week, January 25-29 is Health and Personal Safety Week (relevant now more than ever) and we will have a bonus day Jan 31 all about Water Safety! For questions please email: operations [at] habitot.org

Aston Grieco
operations [at] habitot.org