Full Speed No Brakes Life Coaching: College and Highschool "Finish Strong" Life Coaching

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Hello and thank you for reading. 

Full Speed No Brakes Life Coaching is offering coaching to seniors in high school and students in college. As students are returning from Winter break we are offering coaching geared towards finishing the school year strong. Here are some of the main coaching points that will be offered to you or your student. 

* Time management skills 

* Compartmentalization regarding studying and testing  

* Communication 

* Self confidence 

* Turning a weakness into a STRENGHT

* Balancing school, work, family, and friends 

* Emotional intelligence 

Meeting location options: 

* On-line 

* Face-2-face at Oakland shared office 

* Face-2face in the community (park, coffee shop, etc) 

* Face-2-Face at your home or dorm. 

Meeting rate is usually $130 for 60 minutes.

We are offering a lower rate of $115 (60 minutes) if you or your student signs up with Full Speed No Bakes Life Coaching through this announcement on Berkeley Parent Network. Please mention BPN when you email or call. 

Take the first step in getting yourself, your student, or family member connected with us to coach them into finishing strong for the remainder of the school year and on. 

Email us at : terrek.h.lc [at] gmail.com (subject: %22Finish%20Strong%22%20Life%20Coaching%20)  

Call us at : 1-510-736-2481 (please leave a message) 

Website : www.thlifecoach.com 

Thank again for taking the time to read this announcement :) 

Terrek Humphreys
terrek.h.lc [at] gmail.com