Firecracker Math: Math Classes move to a Virtual Classroom

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Kinder, School-Aged, Preteens, Teens

Due to the COVID-19 emergency Firecracker Math is moving its classes online as of Monday, March 23rd. The online classes will be held in a virtual classroom with a live instructor. For the first two or three weeks, in addition to the teacher, we will have a technical assistant during the lessons in case your child needs any help.  

Other options, including online tutoring, are available.

Firecracker Math is an enrichment math program for kids. We introduce and explore math concepts and problem-solving techniques. Theoretical instructions are combined with practical exercises that employ games, brain teasers, and logical puzzles to demonstrate serious mathematical concepts. The goal is to help your child to build a solid foundation and understanding of mathematics. At our math classes we are going to show to your child that math can be incredibly creative, exciting, and fun.  

To enroll for the Spring:

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Ella Levine, Program Director
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