Firecracker Math: Live Online Math Classes

Online Classes & Services
Kinder, School-Aged, Preteens, Teens

Due to COVID-19 emergency Firecracker Math moved all its classes online. Enrollment is re-opened for the Spring semester for classes Monday through Thursday with prorated fees. Use code FMVirtual. The online classes are held in a virtual live classroom with a live teacher at the same days and times as before. The good news is that now you have more options available as the Virtual Classroom will allow you to join any class you want that still has spaces!

In the virtual classroom the kids are able to:

  • Listen to the teacher and ask questions;
  • Use worksheets and handouts provided by the teacher;
  • Participate in the discussion;
  • Show their work on the whiteboard or their worksheet;
  • Take notes and more.

We send the parents and the kids detailed instructions on how to join the virtual classroom. For the first two or three weeks, in addition to the teacher, we will have a technical assistant during the lessons in case your child needs any help. Register now while we still have spaces! Don’t forget to use code FMVirtual which will prorate your semester’s fees to $200 only. Starts week of March 23. 

We can also offer our virtual classes to your schools and other companies and organizations that you belong to that are affected by COVID-19 emergency. 

For more information and to register: 

Sherri Hansell
shansell [at]