Firecracker Math: Algebra Games Gr. 4 - 7 - Learn Algebra the Fun Way!

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In this class, students learn algebra concepts through puzzles, games, and activities. Playing a game called the Game of Nim leads to a new operation on numbers, which allows us to examine the commutative and associative properties. Figuring out who wins at interplanetary soccer is all about determinants. We will learn vector addition, talk about permutations and their properties, learn and explore binary numbers, and much more. The focus is on the conceptual foundation and building mental muscles. The class is for 4-7th grade students. The class does not replace any school algebra class. Dr. Lebow did his undergraduate work at Harvard University in mathematics and physics, and his Ph.D. at Berkeley in mathematics. His teaching experience includes teaching mathematics to biology graduate students at the National Center for Biological Sciences in Bangalore, India, and to middle school students at the Academic Talent Development Program in Berkeley. He always adapts his teaching methodology to the needs of the students in each class, but generally favors a conceptual approach to mathematics, with students learning cooperatively and actively.

Class starts Wednesday 1/20 and ends 5/19. $395. Drop-ins welcome. Attend the full Winter-Spring Semester of start in Winter or Spring term. Contact us about Winter or Spring Term.

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