Fertile Ground Parenting: Respectful-Parenting & Meditation Group Begins June 13

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Only a Buddha and a Buddha: Awakening Through Parenting 

A nourishing six-week class for parents and pre-crawling babies

6 Thursdays | June 13–July 25, 2019 |10:30am–12:30pm
San Francisco Zen Center

Parenting offers endless opportunities for practice. As parents we are presented with opportunities to meet our children anew moment after moment, for a lifetime. Establishing a relationship based in trust and respectful communication can begin from day one, giving us a foundation to meet the new and the unexpected in our children and in ourselves.  

Join long-term Zen practitioner Nancy Petrin and respectful-parenting educator Caroline Griswold for a six-week series to learn about and from your baby, be in community with other thoughtful parents, and consider ways to approach your parenting and child with openness and attunement. Parents and caregivers with pre-crawling babies are welcome. Space is limited due to the intimate setting of this class.

Additional Details:

This series was born out of the idea that, when we’re parenting young babies, we need tools for how to meet the challenging aspects of parenting, but we also need time and space to reconnect with ourselves, our inner wisdom, and the stillness that sometimes feels like it gets hard to access once our kids come along.

We’ll have time in each class for observing the babies, getting to know one another, as well as for self-connection through short meditations. The class will be accessible to current meditation practitioners as well as those who are brand-new to practice.


Nancy Petrin began Zen practice in 1996 through the Organic Farm and Garden Apprenticeship at Green Gulch Farm, where she lived and practiced for nine years. During her time as a resident at GGF Nancy was very involved in the Children's & Family Programs as a leader of the Children's program and a mentor in the Coming of Age Program. After leaving GGF Nancy worked as a birth and postpartum doula, accompanying many couples in the transition to parenthood.  She served as head student (shuso) with City Center Abiding Abbot Ed Sattizahn in the fall of 2014 where she currently resides with her partner and 19-year-old-daughter.

Caroline Griswold is a respectful-parenting educator and coach. She helps parents find greater joy and connection with their children and grow into their parenting with grace, insight, and humor. She is passionate about bringing more ease and confidence to parenting, and facilitating respectful communication between parents and babies from birth. A lifelong educator, Caroline was inspired to pursue certification in Magda Gerber’s Educaring® Approach, or RIE® (www.rie.org) after experiencing how this respectful parenting approach transformed her relationships with her son and partner.

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