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You knew being a parent would be hard, but not THIS hard.You have begun to wonder how long this is going to go on like this.You feel exhausted, overwhelmed and struggle balancing the needs of your child or children with your own needs, not to mention your partners, or your job.You notice you are snapping more often at everyone, or at least in your head!You judge yourself when you handle a situation in a way that does not feel good.Sometimes you worry you are doing some of things your parents did and you swore you’d never do, but you feel desperate!The person you used to be seems far away. You feel like you do not even have a minute to catch your breath. It feels like everyones needs come before yours. You forget what it is like to have a life of our own.You feel ready to try something different. You know intuitively there is a different way, but getting there feels overwhelmed. You have read all the parenting books and scroll social media for tips, but it just makes you feel badly about yourself as a parent.As a parent, the day to day can feel so overwhelming, learning new tools can feel impossible.I understand that feeling. In therapy with me, I will partner with you slow down, connect with yourself more deeply and see what your unique needs are in order to be present as a parent, a partner and for yourself using tools like mindfulness, self compassion and other mind/body strategies.Your oxygen mask is on right now because you have decided to make a change for the good of YOU, your child(ren) and your partner.In therapy you can learn to slow down, tune in and respond in ways that feel in line with your values and who you are authentically.

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