Family Support Services: Hiring Respite Child Care Providers

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Family Support Services, East Bay Respite Program is seeking to hire creative individuals interested in working with children who are developmentally / physically disabled and children in foster care. The age of children are 0-18. These individuals must meet our criteria for becoming a respite child care provider. They must provide the care and safety of the children they are caring for, and for their social and emotional development. They should plan to entertain the child or children as directed by the parents such as, reading, drawing, singing dancing, educational activities, outdoor activities, playing, walking to the park, playing with blocks, trips to the library and more.  The hours, days of the week and location is flexible.


Must me 18 years old +

High school / GED

Pass background check

Access to working vehicle

1  year of supervised child care experience

Working with parents / caregivers

Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination

Current CPR/First Aid certification

Current TB Test

Respite Provider Training

* For an Respite Child Care Provider application contact rokoh [at]

Raelene Okoh
rokoh [at]
510 834 2443 3016