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After 47 years of providing a hotline for parenting counseling, connecting Alameda County parents and families to resources and providing referrals to local support services, Family Paths’ HOTLINE is becoming The Parenting Stress HELPLINE.

On March 16th, 2020, Family Paths announced that the portal to live support and their mental health treatment and supportive services changed from the 24-Hour Parent Support and Resource Hotline to The Parenting Stress Helpline.

The Helpline is here for Alameda County parents during this acutely stressful time and can be accessed by parents, and those in parenting roles, without leaving their homes. Fathers or father-figures are encouraged to call.

Staffed by trained Parent Support Counselors, "The Helpline" will continue to connect parents of children/youth to resources, provide voice-to-voice support, and free & confidential counseling to Alameda County families. The Helpline offers unique access to a 900+ community database that is regularly maintained. Families can call in any language and a professional Language Line can be accessed for in-the-moment translation services to over 400 languages. The Helpline will continue to offer additional support through regular callbacks or one-time anonymous calls.

The change in name grew out of a reassessment of how we connect to parents throughout Alameda County to support their everyday parenting stress. Through that process and listening to feedback from the parents we work with, we learned that parents resonated more with the word "Helpline" when seeking a resource for their parenting needs.

Family Paths provides multiple therapeutic, parent education and support services for all families in Alameda County via the toll-free, anonymous phone line. Callers share that they feel relieved and much calmer after a check-in with a Parent Support Counselor. One mom shared that she appreciates the empathetic listening our counselors provide, even when she just needs to vent her frustrations. Having a call back every week without having to commit to one of our services was a relief. A father who had completed our Parent Education course expressed his gratitude to his Helpline counselor and felt that he was better able to communicate with his wife and kids.

Family Paths encourages all Alameda County parents to utilize this Helpline for their everyday parenting stress as well as heightened stress by calling 1-800-829-3777.

For more information contact Rene DValery, Family Support Program Manager, helpline(at)familypaths(dot)org
The Helpline is funded by a contract with Alameda County Social Services Agency.

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