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Amy Attiyeh, MFT and Phyllis Lorenz, MFT, two Marriage and Family Therapists working at Family Paths, offer a skills group for mothers and women (via Zoom) who have had overwhelming or traumatic experiences in the past and continue to feel the effects of their trauma.  The goal of the group is to guide women to begin to quiet the uncomfortable “sensorimotor” reactions to trauma such as intrusive images, hyper-arousal, constriction, and numbing, as well as the emotional experiences such as despair, irritability, turmoil, and difficulty thinking clearly.  The experience of these kinds of feelings and sensations can pull a person repeatedly back to the body’s “memory” of past overwhelm.  This group will provide conceptual maps and experiential tools to dis-identify with symptoms.  At the same time, through practice, women discover ways to cultivate new experiences and a sense of safety within and begin to live a life beyond what their trauma.

The group is based on Becoming Safely Embodied, a group designed by Deirdre Fay.  Participants will learn and practice specific skills and concepts such as mindfulness, identifying triggers and somatic resourcing while in the shared experience with other women.  This group is not a process group and will not ask women to tell the stories of trauma.  Instead, we will offer tools that women can practice in their daily lives.

The 10 week group is scheduled on Thursday mornings from 10-11:30am and will take place remotely on Zoom.  Our next group starts March 18, 2021.  The fee is based on a sliding scale and the group is free for low income mothers.  Women may call to learn more about the group and/or sign up for the group on our Parenting Stress Helpline at (800) 829-3777.

Family Paths is a non-profit organization of mental health professionals and dedicated volunteers that provide a number of mental health and supportive services to low income, multi-stressed individuals and families. We are a multicultural agency committed to serving families of Alameda County regardless of age, ethnicity, financial status, language, sexual orientation, immigration status, class, religion, gender, mental or physical ability.  

You may also use this number (800) 829-3777 for our 24/7 Parent Support and Resource Helpline to speak to our counselors about any aspect of parenting, including community referrals and parenting support. 

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