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Summer & Holiday Camps
Kinder, School-Aged

FAD PAD 2022 Summer, Enrichment After School Classes, Adoptees Connecting Club (CC) and Holiday camps with Mary Ellen Hill are registering now. This is a wonderful opportunity for your child to be outside in a beautiful, magical setting, to move their bodies, have some social time and do really fun, cooperative, creative activities. Activities are outside in Mary Ellen's wonderful backyard- complete with loquat tree, swings, hammock, fruit, herb and vegetable patches. For K-5th graders with 8 children maximum and 4 minimum. Enrichment After School Classes are: Wednesday Starwitz class is about delving into the magical world of Harry Potter, Book 2. Wednesday classes are from 2:30-5:30 for 17 weeks and the fee is $1020 + $20= $1040. Saturday Adoptees Connecting Club is from 10:00-2:00 on January 22, February 26, March 26, April 23, May 21. Cost is $500. ACC is a fun, safe and creative place for adoptees, 7-14 years old. This club is for children who want to explore their adoption story in a supportive and playful way with other adopted children. Mary Ellen was adopted as an infant and has been exploring adoption in various creative ways for many years. Winter and Spring FAD PAD Holiday Camps are from 9:30-3:30 for K-5th. $100 per day. February 21 is Stitch-N-Time Day: come and learn or brush up on your hand stitching talents. Bring some things that need mending and any clothes you want to decorate with fabric markers. April 1 is Harry Potter Spring Day: Transfiguration class, make chocolate Frogs and cards, visit the Magical Menagerie. April 4-8 is Spring Fun Days: Celebrate Spring at the FAD PAD! Plant seeds, harvest peas and carrots, flower tasting, egg art, and act out Spring stories. Summer Camps are  M–F, 9:30a-3:30p, $500. Starwitz : Harry Potter Camp Session 1: May 30-June 3, Session 2: June 6-10, Session 3: June 13-17. This summer we will cover Book 2 :”Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets”. We will delve into the magical and imaginary realm of witches and wizards through art, play and drama. Some activities include: Diagon Ally, wands & spell work, Sorting Hat, Mandrakes, Death Day Party, and the quest for the Chamber of Secrets. Headmistress ME has been a Harry Potter fan since the books came out in 1997! BOTBOT Camp (a bit of this & a bit of that)Session 4: June 20-24 & Session 5: June 27-July 1. Come and enjoy some FAD PAD favorites: cooking, gardening, sewing, storytelling and various art projects plus general goofing around! Mary Ellen has so many activities she likes to do with campers- she can’t choose just one! Fairy Camp: Session 6: July 11-15 & Session 7: July 18-22. Calling all fairy fans! Flower and tree fairies await your arrival!  Campers will make fairy houses using clay, paper, wood and fabric. We will also spend time playing, singing and dancing in a wide array of fairy costumes. Since she was a little girl in Indiana, Mary Ellen enjoyed play acting with her neighbor friends and looks forward to meeting more fairies in her garden! BOTBOT Camp (a bit of this & a bit of that- see above for details) Session 8: 25-29. Gardening and Cooking Camp (organic, GF & vegetarian): Session 9: August 1-5. Come explore Mary Ellen’s big, beautiful, magical backyard! Campers will learn about and harvest organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers and use them for yummy cooking projects. Basic gardening and cooking skills will be taught and all campers will brew their own tea each day. Mary Ellen has enjoyed creating recipes and trying them out since she was a youngster and is amazed when she can grow things in the garden. BOTBOT Camp (a bit of this & a bit of that-see above for details). Session 10: August 8-12. To find out more about the FAD PAD, to see the COVID Guidelines, to see photos and to find out all the ways it is safe- go to: www.mehstories.com. The FAD PAD is located in Oakland, near 580 and Edwards Ave.

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