Every Child Bay: Toddler Opening Coming Soon!

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El Cerrito

Every Child Bay is an inclusive program that creates a comfortable environment to support inclusion and promotes social, emotional, and cognitive learning by empowering exploration, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Open discussion and co-learning are core to the program, all inspired by the principles of Reggio Emilia's philosophy and in accordance with values of caring, cooperation, and responsibility. All learning abilities are welcome! Staff are trained to utilize the Group Early Start Denver Model and other evidence-based practices (EBPs) that support social-emotional development, communication learning and inclusion (developing a sense of belonging for every child.) As a demonstration program at ECB, we embrace learning and growth for all. Staff are trained to collaborate with one another and with other experts and professionals who, along with parents, partner to observe, reflect, and teach within the inclusive model that embeds the evidence based practices we use. Our program promotes positive connections between children and adults and between families in a safe relationship-based environment.

We have an opening for a toddler 18 - 30 months! Contact us today to schedule a visit with our experienced teaching team!

Liberty Winn
liberty.winn [at] everychildincluded.org