Evergreen Counseling: In-Person Couples Counseling For Relational Strain

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Right now, as a result of the relational strain between you and your partner, you may be experiencing…

  • Non-stop bickering and fighting.
  • Endless cycles of misattunements and triggering with one another.
  • A sense that you two are more like enemies than roommates (and definitely not like loving romantic partners!)
  • A lot of fear that you’re going to pass down poor behavior patterns and unresolved trauma to your kids.
  • Worry that your relationship is on its last legs and active contemplation of divorce attorneys but still a small sense of hope that things could improve...

You're longing for...

  • A seasoned, skilled couples counselor with extensive tools, someone who *gets* what it's like to be in a very long-term relationship with kids.
  • In-person sessions so you don't have to "whisper fight" while you do the session in the bedroom with the kids on the iPad;
  • Tools to break the bitter, destructive communication patterns;
  • A more regulated nervous system so that (inevitable) relational disappointments don’t impact you so deeply; 
  • Resources to help you both feel connected and attached versus activating each others' trauma wounds;
  • Confidence that you won’t be passing down your unprocessed trauma to your kids;
  • A sense of hope that maybe you two can actually make it and a $100K+ divorce doesn't have to be the only option...

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What you’re longing for is possible.

At Evergreen Counseling we have a staff of 17 seasoned, evidence-based trauma-trained therapists and couples counselors, skilled in supporting couples experiencing high-conflict and extensive relational "scar tissue." Several of our couples counselors are conducting sessions in person again in our lovely downtown Berkeley offices (and also remotely if that suits you better).

You can book a complimentary 20-minute consult call with our center's wonderful clinical intake coordinator - Jennifer - to get matched to a couples counselor who is best for you clinically, relationally, and logistically, and/or you can also peruse this public-facing document which contains the entire roster of our clinical team, their fees, links to book direct consult calls or first sessions with them, and provides up to the minute information about their openings.

Jennifer Voss
support [at] evergreencounseling.com