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Is this you and your partner?

  • You want to save your relationship;
  • The feelings of love, trust, and goodwill that once existed between you and your partner are now overshadowed by resentment, contempt, and silence;
  • Before, you could resolve conflicts on your own but now you really struggle to do so;
  • Perhaps your relationship is going okay, but you just can’t seem to communicate when it comes to topics such as sex, money, and equitably sharing those neverending household chores;
  • Casual talks are turning into arguments, hurt feelings, subtle but steady distancing between you two, and issues remain unresolved;
  • Maybe you need specific help recovering from an affair, making the decision to get married or whether to stay together or to separate;
  • Maybe you’re blending families and you need help integrating a new spouse with your kids and/or learning how to help your new spouse feel more comfortable when there’s an ex and kids involved;
  • You're dealing with differing sexual drives and needs leading to unhappiness in the bedroom;
  • You don't really feel in love with each other anymore and want to feel like more than roommates;
  • And maybe you want to once again feel in love versus just feeling love for your partner.
  • Whatever the reason may be, you likely feel alone and stuck.

When you attend couples counseling, your therapist can help you and your partner return to a healthy relationship where you both feel loved and supported and most importantly, help you feel less alone and more hopeful.

How couples counseling can help you and your partner:

Couples counseling isn’t a quick fix for your relationship, but by consistently attending and actively working inside and outside the sessions, couples counseling may provide the following for you and your partner:

  • Healthier communication tools and practices;
  • A sense of feeling less alone or stuck in your relationship;
  • A safe space to express what you are feeling with your partner;
  • A true partnership;
  • Increased emotional and physical intimacy;
  • A more equitable and balanced sense of responsibilities and power in your relationship;
  • Hope, connection, and rekindled romance.

At Evergreen Counseling, we have a wonderful couples counselor with late afternoon and evening hours who can support you and your partner.

Andrés Salerno, LMFT is a highly seasoned, highly experienced couples counselor who loves working with couples who feel like they're one step away from divorce and those who feel less in crisis, but are still very much in need of help. You can learn more about his current openings and fees here as well as book a complimentary consult call with him and/or book a full first couples counseling session here if you're eager to get started. 

Annie Wright
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