Empowered Sexuality for Teens: Empowered Sexuality for Teen Summer Weekend Retreat

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San Francisco
Teens, Young Adults, Adults

 For Teens of all GendersAugust 9-11 www.cindygoldfield.com/#empowered-sexuality  Kids today are far more likely to experience cyber-bullying, sexual assault, sexting and shame, than to feel safe, confident and able to express their sexuality in an intentional, safe way. In this workshop, we will discuss anatomy/physiology, consent, power dynamics, feminism (what it is and what it isn’t), gender exploration, resources, decision-making, cultivating self-worth and self-care practices. Workshops are intended to include all genders, and sexual identities. Sessions are held in safe, inclusive spaces where participants are encouraged to ask questions, listen and offer their own views.     

Cindy Goldfield
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