Emeryville Martial Arts: Street Smarts! Self Defense

Parent Classes, Workshops & Groups
Teens, Young Adults, Adults

The training provides participants with relevant and necessary information to increase personal safety. The goal is to increase awareness and teach fundamental tools for facing the challenge of managing difficult or awkward situations, bullying, harassment and potential violence.

The workshop will concentrate on assertiveness training and awareness exercises followed by hands-on training in striking and targeting.  We start with prevention strategies and explore methods for de-escalation. This leads to solutions for situations that might otherwise escalate into physical confrontation. The emphasis is on taking control of the situation and when necessary, executing a technique which is simple but powerful in its effectiveness. Soft targets will be used to enhance the participant's confidence in successfully striking crucial targets. $69 pp

Weather permitting and based on participant preferences, we can hold the class outside in the parking lot or inside the dojo with doors, skylights open and fans on. Masks will be worn. Sign up at EmeryvilleMartialArts.com or call 510-604-5542

terri [at] emeryvillemartialarts.com