Emeryville Martial Arts: Martial Arts & Sports Summer Day Camp

Summer & Holiday Camps

Summer = Fun at Emeryville Martial Arts. Learn to block, punch, kick and roll in a safe environment and let your child's summer fun secretly build their self esteem! We have LOTS of fun while teaching your child how to stay safe, manage conflict and avoid problems. Our camps are a combination of real martial arts techniques, combined with fun and games that teach coordination, body building, goal setting and role playing. 

We swim in the afternoons and take a field trip each week. We sometimes use public transit and your child learns independence as they acquire freedom. 

Visit our website at www.emeryvillemartialarts.com for registration forms or call 510-428-1979. Hurry. Early bird pricing ends March 31st!

Choose from two available weeks:

June 17-21 or

Aug 5-9;

10 am -4 pm with Pre and Post care available for a fee.

terri [at] emeryvillemartialarts.com