Education Therapy & Executive Function Support with Sean: Executive Function Support ūüéď‚úÖ

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Do you want your student to feel more confident about speaking with their teachers? 

Do you want your student to earn better grades and have less missing assignments? 

Do you want to feel more organized?

If your answer was "yes" to any of the questions above, you've come to the right place.

Through my coaching process, I will teach your student my best strategies for managing school and give them the time and space to be successful at the start of the new semester. After participating in this series your student will have better time management, communication, and planning skills.  

Some topics include: 

  • How to transform your syllabi into to-do lists
  • How to set a goal for each class and communicate that to your teacher¬†
  • How to plan your time using Google Calendar¬†
  • How to use reminders to follow through calendar plans¬†
  • How to proactively¬† request feedback before grades are submitted¬†
  • How to create a personalized test prep routine¬†

Check out my website: and reach out today! 

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