East Bay ADHD Psychology & Assessment APC: Are you looking for an ADHD, Autism, or LD assessment?

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Have you or your child struggled at school/work or with peers and aren't sure why? Are they/you bright but disorganized, spacey, or impulsive? Do they/you struggle with reading, writing, math, or following directions?  They/you might have something called ADHD (Attention/Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder), ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), a learning disorder or a learning disorder plus giftedness (2e). The good news is that there are very effective interventions and school/workplace accommodations that you can put in place to support mental health. I provide psychological and neuropsychological assessments to help understand your or your child's unique brain and ways that the strengths can be enhanced and identify areas that could be strengthened. Book a free 20-minute telephone consultation directly from my website (www.eastbayadhd.com) to chat with me regarding how I can help you. I'm on Solano Ave in Berkeley in a convenient location with lots of parking and bus routes on my block. I have immediate availability and look forward to welcoming you to my inclusive and supportive practice. 

Kim Thompson
kim [at] eastbayadhd.com