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Do you see your child struggle in school and aren't sure why? Are they bright but disorganized, spacey, or impulsive? They might have something called ADHD (Attention/Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder) and the good news is that there are very effective interventions and school accommodations that you can put in place to support their learning and to achieve their academic potential. Book a free 20-minute consultation directly from my website (www.eastbayadhd.com) to see how I can help you.

I'm a clinical psychologist and conduct psychological and neuropsychological assessments for things like ADHD, Gifted/Twice Exceptional (2e), and Autism Spectrum Disorder. I work with you and your family to get to know your child in a warm and supportive atmosphere and leverage the most current and well-validated assessments to get a deeper understanding of their strengths and struggles. As each person is different, I customize the particular set of assessment instruments I use with you or your child. I can put together recommendations/ accommodations for a 504 or IEP plan to help maximize your child's learning. I work with children age 8 through adulthood, and often assess parents as well. Once you or your child have received an ADHD diagnosis you may be wondering what the next steps are- I can help with that too. I provide advocacy services as well as ADHD coaching (organization, planning, executive functioning) both to support the person with ADHD and also coach parents with how to best work with their neurospicy child. I have a couple of open spots available. If you're interested or would like to learn more about me, my practice, or my fees, etc, please check out my website at: https://www.eastbayadhd.com/faqs-fees  If you scroll to the bottom of any page on my website you can access my calendar directly to book a free 20-minute consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Kim Thompson
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