Debra Bronstein, MFT: Monthly Support Group for New Fathers

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No amount of contemplation or reading prepares new parents for the seismic life changes that accompany having a baby.  Although pregnancy and new parenthood are widely supported and idealized in our culture for mothers, fathers typically have far less support.  While moms are being admired, fussed over, gifted and encouraged – dads are often left a little outside of that particular bubble. And with the post-birth merging and pre-occupation that moms naturally (and necessarily) experience with their infants – this can further create a sense of “outsider-ness” for new dads.

We live in a time when fathers are supposed to have equal bonding and connection with their children – and certainly things have moved in that direction to a large degree.  But we cannot ignore the biological realities that dictate different things to the different players.  So how does maternal absorption, nursing and sleep deprivation affect the partner relationship?  You tell me!

This group will be a safe place for new dads to talk about all the things that are not so popular to talk about: changes in intimacy, sexuality, financial responsibility, housework, relational expectations, etc.  These conversations will happen within a group of peers, facilitated by an experienced Marriage and Family Therapist.

Please Note:  This group will be dedicated to the particular issues facing fathers within heterosexual relationships with a birth mother.  Adoptive fathers and same sex parents face different but equally complex issues which may become the focus of future support groups. Please feel free to call if this would be of interest to you.

WHEN:            One Wednesday evening a month

START:            June 19th

TIME:               7:00-8:30pm

LOCATION:      In the NOBE area - North Oakland/Emeryville/Berkeley 

COST:               $70/session – 6 month commitment 

Debra A. Bronstein MA, MFT
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