Daniele Svingos, LCSW: In-person Berkeley therapy for neurodivergent teens.

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Hello, community,

My name is Dani Svingos, LCSW and I'm a seasoned therapist with expertise in neurodivergence and am highly trauma trained.

I've recently begun seeing clients in person in my offices in downtown Berkeley and wanted to share this news in case you or someone you know has been looking for in-person therapy to support a neurodivergent individual in your life.

There's truly nothing I love more than working with young people who received early diagnoses of neurodivergence (ASD, ADHD, etc) and who received early intervention services, and who now struggle with learned helplessness, low self-esteem, and deeply rooted beliefs of “I can’t” which may (unconsciously and unintentionally) be reified by family and educational systems.

I love working with these young people (and their families whether that's in family therapy or parent counseling sessions) to do everything possible to support the neurodivergent young person to launch effectively into adulthood.

I support these adolescents and young adults to gain the skills and preparedness they will need for their adult life (including developing better interpersonal skills and executive functioning skills such as goal setting, complex planning, time management, and rewiring their neural pathways so more self-supporting self-talk becomes the norm) so that they can genuinely launch into adulthood.

Moreover, I don't just work with the adolescent or young adult in therapy. I work with the whole family system (assuming I have permission), weaving them into the treatment plan for maximum impact and effect.

My experience working at USCF Benioff for over fifteen years providing home-based, long-term therapy for high-needs youth and their families as well as creating and implementing the Behavioral Health Integration program for their primary care department makes me effective in working with family systems.

I'm a longtime Berkeley resident, a mom deeply embedded in our East Bay community, and if I can be of support to you or someone you love, I'd be honored.

I will see clients in-person Mondays, 11-7pm, Tuesdays 9-3, Wednesdays 9-5, and Thursdays 9-4.

You can learn more about me here on my bio page and book a consult call with me directly here and/or book a full first therapy session with me here.

Importantly, you can also see my fees and my up-to-the-minute openings here.

Thank you for considering me as a resource for any neurodivergent young person (or their family) who might be seeking in-person therapy.

Dani Svingos, LCSW
dani [at] evergreencounseling.com