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Looking for a progressive, intimate school environment that uses a hands-on, project-oriented approach? 

*Crestmont has limited spaces for the 2020-21 school year.

COVID Update:

We are pleased that we will bring our Kindergarten class to campus learning with a morning camp. Our amazing staff members have risen to the occasion and created a distance learning program is connected and rich. With a beautiful large campus and small class sizes students, plans are in place for a vibrant, engaging and safe reopening of school. It will include as much outdoor learning as possible with open aired canvas structures being set up to spread out the classrooms in the healthiest of ways.

Check out our our campus!

Crestmont School is a unique co-operative K-8 school located in the scenic Richmond/El Cerrito hills. It was founded in 1969 with the goal of encouraging curiosity, critical thinking, and a desire for social justice, while emphasizing community spirit and academic excellence for all children. Originally an elementary school, Crestmont now also provides an innovative middle school curriculum and supportive social environment for our growing children.

We want Crestmont students to love school and feel enthusiastic and proud of their wonderful and unique sets of skills and talents.  In all subject areas, we encourage spontaneity, investigation, creativity, and fun. We’re committed to nurturing our children’s compassion, sense of community, and love of learning.

Set up a virtual tour of the school, meet our faculty and staff, and learn about Crestmont School’s innovative curriculum and the unique benefits of our modern co-op structure and special community! Apply now!

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