Costa Rica Youth Exchange: Summer Spanish in the lush green hills of Costa Rica

Summer & Holiday Camps
San Francisco

In the charming villages of Tilaran, Costa Rica spend summer as an exchange student with the local high school and community. We provide all Spanish tutoring, local youth connections, spirited outings, celebrations and leadership opportunities. The joy of Spanish in healthy small town Costa Rica  - horses, waterfalls, toucans and homemade chocolate, this safe and walkable community awakens all the senses from the green misty mornings to the smell of fresh baked breads and the screech of green parrots in the trees. Perhaps no where in the world provides a more cozy place to engage Spanish at the most youth dynamic level. You will be a guest of the fun local high school, enjoy making friends, exploring arts, music, dance, informal sports and youth engagement events. Completely supervised and supported we provide everything from airfare to bottled water.  Since 1998, we've hosted students from all over the U.S, Canada and the U.K. Learn more at  or call director Ilba Prego 1.888.674.0408.

Ilba Prego
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