Costa Rica Youth Exchange: Get Bilingual and open a new world opportunity!

Summer & Holiday Camps
San Francisco

The Costa Rica Youth Exchange Program "is a life-changing experience for those students who participate, allowing their Spanish skills and understanding of other cultures to improve dramatically. " 

Enroll by March 20 to receive our $200 early enrollment. Don't miss out this summer! Join the youth of Costa Rica for a truly global local experience. 
Get bilingual and open a new world of opportunity. We make Spanish fluency a reality! This summer - relax, have fun, and gain confidence during our youth inspired immersion hosted by our local high school in the green mountains of charming in Costa Rica. Choose flexible dates from June to August. We include airfare, full supervision, teacher supported, bilingual staff, youth exchange events, lodging and meals, and much more. Slow down to our tropical pace and experience the true local Costa Rica traditional family way of life, far from the hotels and tour groups. As a 20 year educational program, we provide a fun, natural, youth-focused experience to connect language to people. We offer our "fluency pledge", making fluency possible and affordable - ask us how! High school is the best time to enrich your son/daughter in language and culture. Limited space. Contact us to learn more!

Ilba Prego
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