Costa Rica Youth Exchange: Can you thrive in any culture? In any environment?

Summer & Holiday Camps
San Francisco

Careers are born from challenging one's own mindset, one's own culture, and one's sense of accountability. Our vision, help students put academics in perspective and gain the confidence to thrive in any culture, adapt to any environment. Imagine waking up in the middle of a strange town where you know no one, and no one speaks your language. Scary? or thrilling? It's actually both. One of the greatest skills of youth is the ability to reach out and build trust with anyone in any setting. The Costa Rica Youth Exchange provides a challenging summer opportunity for you to step out of your known culture and connect with village life in the green hills of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. When strangers become neighbors we discover that friendship, not fear, is what makes borders disappear.  Learn more about our summer program.


Ilba Prego
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