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This winter, Paul Kim, the Machine Learning lead for the Technology Solutions Group at Pragmatics Inc. joins Berkeley Coding Academy to offer a new class in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Kaggle Competitions. Paul is a Kaggle medal-award winner and is currently ranked in the top 1% of all Kaggle competitors.

Paul is excited to work with Berkeley Coding Academy students of all ages to share his expertise in building competitive Machine Learning models that have been featured by Kaggle, the US government, and industry.

This class covers 3 Data Science sections needed for building awesome Machine Learning Models to solve real life problems. 

  1. Core Data Science concepts including scoring metrics, terminologies, and statistics that are needed to understand the descriptions and evaluation process for Kaggle. 

  2. Feature engineering and exploratory data analysis. 

  3. Building state-of-the-art models that use noteworthy training and evaluation methodologies that you will apply to Kaggle competitions to achieve high results. 

 This class will include some homework and 4K videos based on class discussions to reinforce concepts with different datasets. All graduates will receive a Machine Learning Certificate upon completion.

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