Corey Wade: Berkeley Coding Academy: July Program in Python, Data Science, Machine Learning

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Want to learn how to build a drone that can put out fires? BCA student Yash Sharma won the Naval Science Award after applying what he learned at Berkeley Coding Academy to this science fair project. He started when he was 12.

Berkeley Coding Academy welcomes beginning and advanced programmers to our Machine Learning & AI Summer Program. At BCA, students from across the Bay and beyond learn how to analyze big data and build machine learning models in just 3 weeks. All students create 30+ coding notebooks and complete significant portfolio final projects. Over 100 4K videos supplement the learning process. Our summer program is 100% virtual and in real time.

BCA students start the day in live interactive lectures with program director Corey Wade. We code Python together as new coding concepts are introduced and modeled. Beginning and advanced students attend different lectures.

After lecture, students join small cohorts to solve coding problems and work on problem-solving and project development. All students choose their own datasets to apply lecture concepts for their projects. Final projects include Colab Notebooks and Google Slides and are peer and staff reviewed. Projects are presented on the last day and certificates are distributed.

BCA graduates have majored in data science in college, earned data science internships, won awards, taken advanced computer science sequences, started AI clubs, taken advanced machine learning classes, and pursued more machine learning projects and classes independently.

Students who have never coded before receive a tremendous foundation in coding, Python, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning. All students transform big data into professional histograms and scatterplots using Python code. All students make predictions from big data with leading machine learning algorithms like xgboost. Students gain mastery over writing Python functions, loading CSV files, and generating descriptive statistics to analyze big data. Students become facile with the pandas, seaborn, matplotlib, and sklearn libraries. Advanced students fine-tune machine learning models and receive a strong foundation in deep learning (neural networks).

Our students get a real taste of what it's like to be a data scientist. We are a code-first program. Students spend 52.5 hours over the summer focused on writing Python code. We focus on writing and modifying code to extract meaningful insights from big data. We show students how to create colorful, visually impressive, and informative graphs to tell a data story. We include 15 minutes of bonus time every day for peer bonding via programming games, curriculum extensions, and fun activities.

We have an amazing staff that includes college mentors from amazing universities like UC Berkeley majoring in data science with experience working with youth. The balance between learning from program director Corey Wade, college mentors, and a chat support team, gives our students the best possible experience.

Berkeley Coding Academy stands out due to the strength of our content, and due to the expertise of credentialed educators. This is truly a wonderful program for new coders, and students looking to take steps beyond introductory Python and computer science. Our program is differentiated for all levels of learners including the complete novice and expert coders.

In addition, Berkeley Coding Academy offers 1-1 classes for all ages throughout the year.

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