Corey Wade: Berkeley Coding Academy: Fall Enrollment Now Open! Classes in Machine Learning +

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Berkeley Coding Academy is now open for Fall Enrollment with the following online classes.

Machine Learning Master Class - Gain mastery in hyperparameter fine-tuning and making accurate predictions building machine learning models in Python. This class is for teens who are proficient in Python. Students will gain experience in data wrangling, feature engineering, cross-validation, analyzing the confusion matrix, comparing scoring metrics, bagging and boosting, building non-correlated ensembles, and fine-tuning many machine learning models including XGBoost and Sequential Deep Learning. Includes 15 sessions, 1500 minutes, 15 Colab Notebooks, and 1 professional portfolio final project. Your instructor is BCA director Corey Wade. Online class meets Sept 3 - Dec 14, 4:00 - 5:40pm Pacific time.

Python for Everyone - This introductory Python class is the first in a series of 3. Python for Everyone is designed for students of all ages who have never coded before, and for new coders who want to practice Python fundamentals. This class moves at a slow pace to facilitate understanding and practice. Topics covered include Python as Calculator, strings, types, variables, and branching/conditionals. All students gain access to 4 permanent Colab Notebooks that may serve as valuable coding references. Your instructor is BCA director Corey Wade. Online class meets Sept 3 - Sept 24, 10:00 - 11:20pm Pacific time.

Python for Everyone is an introductory series of 3 monthly classes designed for students who have never coded before who are in need of a supportive, encouraging environment. These monthly classes are competitively priced to encourage first-time coders. Please visit for more information.


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