Corey Wade: Berkeley Coding Academy: Fall Classes in Machine Learning Open For Enrollment!

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Berkeley Coding Academy is excited to offer the following classes this Fall: 

Data Science in Python: Independent Study

  • Students can now learn Python Programming, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning through 1-1 personalized instruction via our new Independent Study option. Students will have the option of moving through the BCA Data Science in Python original curriculum at their own pace with 4K videos, coding notebooks, problem sets, and project development. Proficiency/mastery in Python functions, graphing big data, and building machine learning models are included in this option. Additionally, students may pursue projects and topics beyond the original curriculum including contemporary data analysis, Kaggle competitions, and deep learning. The topics and course of study are agreed upon by student and mentor. All Independent Study courses will include a significant final project. Click here for registration information.
  • Sept - Dec 2021, Online

Machine Learning Master Class

  • This class is designed for teens to gain mastery in building machine learning models. Uncover the evolution of machine learning algorithms from Linear and Logistic Regression to Decision Trees, Random Forests, Gradient Boosting, and XGBoost. Considerable time and attention will be given to fine-tuning the XGBRegressor and XGBClassifier using real datasets. Students will receive weekly homework that includes watching interactive 4K video lectures from program director Corey Wade based off his 5-star Amazon book Hands-on Gradient Boosting with XGBoost and scikit-learn. To enroll in this class, students should have previously taken a class in data analytics or machine learning, or be advanced enough in Python to feel comfortable implementing new libraries with dot-notation. Click here for registration information.
  • Sept 16 - Dec 16 2021, 4:00pm - 5:45pm PDT, Thursdays, Online

Kaggle Competitions!

  • BCA is very excited to welcome an elite Kaggle competitor to our team who has won awards in Kaggle competitions. He builds machine learning models for a living and is very excited to share his expertise and passion with BCA students. This is a very popular class coming back by request. Details are forthcoming. Please email BCA director Corey Wade at corey [at] if you want further information on this class.
  • Dates TBD - Fall 2021

Please visit for more information. BPN subscribers can use the following discount code when checking out: BP8LOCAL

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