Community Program for Exceptional Children: CoPEC Café - Free workshop for parents

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Free live online workshop for parents "From Powerlessness to Agency: The Parent-Child Relationship as the Context for Learning" - Saturday, January 21st, 9-11 AM PST.

CoPEC Café is a safe virtual space where families can meet, share their stories and support each other. This time we will be joined by The Moving Center team: Andrea Hennen, Matty Wilkinson, and Eytan Lerner all senior Feldenkrais and ABM Practitioners will present their NeuroDevelopmental approach to working with the emotional aspect of parent and child relationship as they seek to create the conditions that support learning and change. Through case studies and guided experiential processes they will touch upon dependency and agency, power and helplessness, emotions and their embodiment in movement, posture, and learning, sharing their wealth of experience from many years of working with children and parents.

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