The Coder School Berkeley: Last Chance for Python and Roblox Online Camps

Summer & Holiday Camps
School-Aged, Preteens, Teens

We still have some limited availability in a few of our most popular Online Coding Camps including Python Startup and Python Art. Python is one of the most useful programming languages and is incredibly quick and easy to learn. This may be your final chance to enroll in one of our Python Online camps.

  • Python Startup (Ages 10+, July 20-24): We don't have a pet snake for our schools, so we'll settle for introducing you to Python, one of the most popular coding languages today. Start slowly or code fast; no Python experience necessary!
  • Python Art (Ages 10+, July 27-31): Did you know Python doesn't just output text and numbers, it can make visual art too? In Python Art Camp, we'll deep-dive into the visual turtle library to make some gnarly, sometimes hypnotic designs and illustrations.

Did you know that your kids can learn to code in Roblox? New for this year is our Roblox Reboot (Ages 10+, August 10-14) camp. Roblox Studio uses the Lua scripting language and allows anyone to quickly create their own Roblox games that they can publish and allow the world to play. A Windows or MacOS computer is required for this camp.

We also still have a few spots left in our premium online code camps where kids learn to interact with hardware like a micro:bit microcontroller or building an app for an Android mobile phone.

  • Control Freak (Ages 10+, July 27-31): Controlling stuff can be serious fun! Get an introduction to micro-controllers and learn to code LED lights, sensors, buttons, motors and more! Each camper will receive a micro:bit micro-controller kit that will work with any computer and will include a bunch of cool accessories.
  • Mobile Madness (Ages 10+, August 3-7): From the day Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007, smart phones have been slowly taking over all of our worlds. This camp gets our intermediate coders introduced to the world of mobile app development by coding mobile apps loaded on an Android-based mobile phone that each student will get to keep!

The Coder School Berkeley's Online Coding Camps range between $425 to $475 per week. Register Today!

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