Classroom Matters: How to Parent Your Kid with ADHD

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Neurodiversity is a superpower! ADHD is one of the most common neurological differences diagnosed in kids, yet parents often don't know about its defining features and how they show up at home. Some common misconceptions about ADHD often lead to a lack of understanding about the impact our words and behavior have on our students. This workshop is designed to provide parents with the latest research and information, delivered in accessible and digestible language, to further understanding and foster compassion.

Feel like parenting your kid with ADHD is like living "Groundhog Day" every day? Does your daily agenda include reminding your kid to do all the things eleventeen times? Are you worried your kid will never have the skills they need to leave the nest? ADHD presents its own unique set of issues around parenting. We're here to help you develop a toolbox to:

  • Create connections
  • Foster accountability
  • Understand more
  • Stop the fights

How to Parent Your Kid With ADHD
Saturday, September 10th
5:00-6:30pm PST
Via Zoom
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