City of El Cerrito Youth Programs: Winter/Spring 2020 Teen Activities

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Calling All Teens!

The City of El Cerrito Recreation Department has a lot of offerings this winter/spring for pre-teens and teens ranging from community service opportunities to athletics to art programs. Visit us online for our full listing but below are some upcoming activities.

VOLUN-TEEN PROGRAM: The City of El Cerrito Recreation Department offers volunteer opportunities for teens (grades 8-12). We will facilitate a tracking log of the hours each teen works and provide letters of recommendation or completion upon request. Teens need to complete the online application and meet, review, and sign the Teen Volunteer Contract. Schedules are flexible and will be agreed on by teen and City staff member. Teens will have an opportunity to develop new skills, perform a vital service to the community and meet new people.

12/7; 8:30-11:30am; Holiday Pancake Breakfast

1/24; 5-9pm; Crab Feed

2/1; 5:30-8:30pm; Sweetheart Dance

2/27, 5/2; Varying; Letter Writing Workshop

4/11; 9-10:30am; Spring Egg Hunt


  • FESTIVAL OF COLORS: Join us on Sunday March 8, 2020 for a festival celebrating spring in a vibrant and spirited way! This event is open for youth and teens in grades 8-12. There will be music, backyard games, a food truck and colored Holi powder (think Color Run)! Make sure to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty as Holi powder may stain. Color can be washed off skin with soap and water but may take a couple of tries. Grab a friend and come enjoy this Festival of Colors! $5 per person. Sunday March 8, 2020. 11am-12:30pm. Cerrito Vista Park.
  • POLYNESIAN DANCE: Learn the ancient and modern dances of Hawai’i, Samoa, Tahiti and Aotearoa (New Zealand) coupled with their cultural background. Kumu (teacher) leads the dance troupe “Hui Hula o na Pu’uika Noe.”
  • TENDO RYU NAGINATA: Established over 400 years ago in Japan, Tendo-ryu is one of many classical schools of Japanese martial arts that employ the Naginata. Naginata is long weapon. Our practice naginata is wooden and represents a 6ft staff with an 18-inch curved blade on the end. Initially, practice is solo, but all the kata are eventually performed with a partner who has a wooden sword. Because this is a partnered martial art, you will learn focus, concentration and etiquette. Beginners are always welcome. No prior martial arts experience necessary. Price is based on a monthly fee.
  • X-FIT BOOT CAMP: X-Fit Boot Camp is an inspiring, fun and challenging group fitness class designed to benefit everyone from a first timer to a seasoned athlete. Bringing together elements of athletic conditioning, strength training, core and functional training, body weight exercise, stretching and plyometric training, the X-Fit Boot Camp is scalable to individual needs.
  • INTRODUCTION TO UKULELE: Learn the fundamentals of playing the ukulele in a fun and supportive environment! This class will take you through all the basics including strumming patterns, right and left-hand techniques, understanding chord diagrams, and reading tablature and musical notation. You will learn common chords that will enable you to play hundreds of songs. You’ll also learn melody finger picking, experience playing together to create harmony, and you’ll gain helpful practice tips and exercises. No musical knowledge or experience is required. Please bring your ukulele, a tuner, and a folding music stand.
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