City of El Cerrito Youth Programs: Openings in Teeter Tots Program!

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Teeter Tots is a well-received program operated by the City of El Cerrito for well over 30 years.  Teeter Tots is the perfect introduction to the school-like setting.  The program runs Monday through Thursday from 9am to 12pm.  The program is currently operating as a "pod" of children that come all 4 days and do not change, and the pod number will not exceed health department guidelines.  Teeter Tots accepts children ages 2-4.5 years of age.  Children in diapers may attend!  Teeter Tots stays outside as much as possible, but has a nice spacious environment with HEPA filters for when they are indoors.  Children and staff must wear face coverings (staff work with the younger children to help them learn to keep the coverings on).  Children participate in art, science and nature, circle time, story time and songs.  For more detailed information about the curriculum and registration please visit

Eden O'Brien-Brenner
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