City of El Cerrito Summer Camps: Older Campers? Pod for Grades 4-8 at Castro Park!

Summer & Holiday Camps
El Cerrito
School-Aged, Preteens

Does your camper feel "been there, done that" about going back to camp?  Do they tire of having to keep their language and activity "G Rated" for younger campers?  Then this is the pod for them!  Usually dubbed "Explorers," this pod won't quite be exploring as much as usual with field trips and such, but they will walkabout El Cerrito and go to the book store, go buy ice cream, and act as much like pre-teens as possible in this environment.  There are three 3-week pods offered for this group from 9-5:30 at Castro Park.  Sessions are:

June 14-July 1

July 5- July 22

July 26-August 12

Sessions meet Monday through Friday, but we the final Friday is an off day for cleaning/disinfecting before pod changes.  Campers 12 and are able to sign themselves out early if you desire and fill out a permission slip.  Want the details?  Visit

Eden O'Brien-Brenner
edo [at]