Circus of Smiles: Summer Camp: Be a Ninja, an Engineer, and more!

Summer & Holiday Camps
Kinder, School-Aged

Did you know you can turn popsicle sticks, rubber bands, and construction paper into a helicopter? How about a straw into a rocket? Join our team of junior engineers as we turn everyday items like cardboard, duct tape, and hot glue into cars, catapults, and more in this project-based engineering camp. Specially crafted for those who like to build, design, and create.

How to be an Engineer Summer Camps for ages 8-13

Alameda: Register here!

  • 6/24-28 from 1-4pm (Code: 7526)
  • 7/15-19 from 1-4pm (Code: 7527)

Albany: Register here!

  • 7/22-26 from 9am-12pm (Code: 713202)

Piedmont: Register here!

  • 8/5-9 from 1-4pm (Code 193111)

How to be a Ninja Camps for ages 7-11

Everyone wants to be a ninja, and this is the camp that will teach you how. Build your strength, sharpen your focus, and learn the ancient secrets of stealth and surprise. Camp includes active games, collaborative challenges, and crafts that support the ninja's DIY nature. Specially designed for those with an inner ninja waiting to sneak out.

Alameda: Register here!

  • 6/24-28 from 9am-12pm (Code: 7523)
  • 7/15-19 from 9am-12pm (Code: 7524)

Albany: Register here!

  • 7/29-8/2 from 9am-12pm (Code: 713200)

Piedmont: Register here!

  • 8/5-9 How to be an Engineer 9am-12pm (Code 193058)

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