Circus of Smiles: Be a NINJA! President's Week Camp in Piedmont - 2/19-22

Summer & Holiday Camps
Kinder, School-Aged

Do you have a ninja rolling, sneaking, and generally having a good time all over the house? Our President's Week How to be a Ninja Camp is a positive outlet to channel that energy!

How to be a Ninja Everyone wants to be a ninja, and this is the class that will teach you how. Build your strength, sharpen your focus, and learn ancient secrets of stealth and surprise. Class includes active games, collaborative challenges, and crafts that support the ninja's DIY nature. Specially designed for those with an inner ninja waiting to sneak out.

Check out a video sneak peek here.

  • Piedmont Parks & Rec - Enroll here!
    • 2/19-22 from 9am-12pm - class #191146

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