Cheburashka Home Daycare: Openings for 2 to 5 years old in Berkeley begin 6/15

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Cheburashka has been serving North Berkeley since 2006 by providing soul nourishing, quality day care for kids infant through school age.  We emphasize getting along with each other as we drive little push cars or roll balls of all kinds on the spacious, mostly shaded outside deck area.  We believe that by serving a variety of ages, infants through school age, we get them to understand others and themselves faster.   Every day we do a dance and workout routine assisted by multimedia and big screen.   We do weekly field trips to a private playground which provides a huge assortment of equipment for play and physical development, including a play structure with slides and a ball pit.  We emphasize diversity and invite clientele from all cultures and backgrounds.  We speak and teach mostly in English and Russian, and welcome anyone regardless of their native tongue.  We have storytime every day so that we all get familiar with books and how we can learn from them, in addition to a variety of tactile projects from finger painting through beading and ceramics, or just plain playdough.  Kid get plenty of fresh air, and a healthy balance of sunlight and shade throughout the day.  Two healthy mostly organic homecooked meals and two snacks daily.  8 AM through 5:30 PM.  Thanks for reading, Vicky

Vicky Scott
vscott [at]
510 287-6873