Cazadero Performing Arts Family Camp: Exploring and Growing Artistically

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Spaces available in Caz Family Camp 2022: Session A (June 5-10) and Session B: June 12-17. Reasonable all-inclusive fees, financial aid available.

A week at Cazadero Performing Arts Family Camp brings families together in arts and nature. We offer kids, teens and adults world-class arts instruction. Campers from beginners to advanced enjoy classes in music, visual art, circus, writing, dance, and theater. Check out classes offered in 2021. Ages 2-5 have fun in Kid City. Older campers take up to 5 classes/day.

Our camp typically sells out within days of opening registration. This year, we’ve added 2 more sessions at a new site to serve more families. Our smaller June sessions in Carmel will be more intimate than at our original site, with higher teacher-camper ratio. Swimming pool, amazing food (meets dietary restrictions), and intergenerational artistry. 

Register Now for June 5-10 or June 12-17

But the best part of Caz Carmel, like every past session of Caz, will be the people and the spirit. Families come back year after year because our community supports everyone exploring creativity in whatever way works for them

One camper wrote about his time at Caz: “I love seeing teenage guys tenderly tutoring a little kid on trumpet, playing wiffle ball for hours with a toddler, falling into the spell of an 8-year-old's improvised poem at open mike, or dancing with each other, rocking out to 70-year-olds shredding on drums or belting a vocal solo. Gives me inspiration. And hope.”

To join us in intergenerational artistry and creative exploration, sign up today for June 5-10 or June 12-17. As a nonprofit, we work to keep our all-inclusive fees as low as possible, and financial aid is also available based on need and capacity to have a positive impact on the atmosphere and diversity at camp.

We reply to questions promptly! Or let us know if you’d like to have a phone conversation.


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