Carolie Sly: Title: Ethical Dilemmas: Online Facilitated Discussions

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Walnut Creek

In this Outschool online course, teens (13-17 years) will be encouraged to talk and listen to each other as they discuss social and ethical dilemmas. We will loosely follow the Socratic Method, in which the teacher poses a dilemma and then serves as a facilitator to deepen students' thinking. Each class will begin with a question, such as: When is okay to lie? When is it justified to steal? What limits should there be on freedom of expression? Should animals be used to test human products?  Students will voice their viewpoints, consider other students' positions, and refine their positions accordingly. Online discussions will be start April 28 and be held every Tuesday and Friday, 3-4 PM for four weeks. Cost is $65 per teen for the entire class. No drop-ins. To learn more and register:

Carolie Sly
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