Carolie Sly: Design Solutions Inspired by Nature’s Wisdom

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Walnut Creek
Preteens, Teens

In this 4 week online science course, students will learn and apply ways that nature has inspired solutions for meeting people’s need for energy, food, materials, transportation, and health.
Showcasing biomimicry, the instructor will illuminate the ways in which nature –which has survived for 4.5 billion years–sustains life through successful design solutions. Students will participate in interactive lectures, discussions, and simple design challenges. Each class meeting will use slides and video clips to introduce nature-inspired design solutions and invite students to brainstorm other ways of mimicking nature to solve human problems. Outside of class, students will have opportunities to write, draw, or use everyday materials found around the house to create their own nature-inspired designs.

Carolie Sly, the instructor, has been a classroom teacher and professor and holds a Ph.D. in science education. She has taught a similar course to refugees in Greece.

Carolie Sly
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