Camp Winnarainbow: Offers Day Camp in The East Bay!

Summer & Holiday Camps
El Sobrante
School-Aged, Preteens, Teens

On Monday July 6th, Winnarainbow Day Camp will open in El Sobrante, CA for local Bay Area campers FOR THE VERY FIRST (and maybe only) TIME. After having to cancel our normal sleepaway camp in Mendocino County we asked ourselves, how can we put our good where it does the most? For 45 years our focus has been to provide a supportive, inclusive environment for hundreds of youth every summer. The social, emotional, mental, relational and physical health of our young generation is what we can focus on during this pandemic.

We received the incredible opportunity to Lease 91 acres, the East Bay Waldorf School, which is situated right by Wildcat Canyon in El Sobrante. Since we had already developed our COVID-19 procedures for Camp we were able to quickly pivot to Winnarainbow Day Camp – in the East Bay! Campers age 7 to 16 will be in stable groups of 12 for only two 3 week sessions. We will host 8 groups of 12 campers – we’re limited to 96 campers total each session. All precautions to remain healthy will be in place in accordance to State, County, CDC and American Camp Association guidelines.

The 3 week program is themed “Focus and Variety”. Each camper will be asked to decide on a Focus, which their entire group will share. The four broad skill areas, or Focus’ are Circus and Movement, Visual Art, Music, or Drama. The point of the Focus is allow campers to explore their interests in new and deeper ways. The groups Focus will be their theme for the three-week program but they will also have opportunities to try a variety of activities each day.

General activities that are a part of our Day Camp program include: hiking the beautiful 80 acres that we’ll be on, weekly “special events”, games, hanging out and getting to know each other, performing acts of kindness, daily snacks, trying something new, All People’s Day – a space to talk about our world today and learn from each other.  

Registration is open now. For more information visit

You can reach out to the director Yatiel Owens directly with the contact info below!

yatiel owens, MSW
yatiel [at]