Cal Youth Camps: Summer Skateboard Camp

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Cal Skateboarding CampRegistration is NOW OPEN!

Since 2000, youth from across the Bay Area have experienced this one of a kind camp. Skateboarding Campers get the opportunity to learn in a one of kind environment, filled with a variety of ramps and street obstacles from 3 ft. to 13 feet tall.  Cal Skateboarding is a nationally recognized program, led by top professionals under the guidance and leadership of our very own Skateboarding Coordinator Sean O’loughlin.

In this one-week camp, beginner Skateboarders will learn skateboard mechanics and basic riding skills such as balance, carving, riding transitions, and dropping-in. Advanced skaters learn grinds, ollies, and airs, and have the chance to learn to drop in on bigger ramps, and learn flip tricks. Skaters will be assessed on the first day of the session and the lessons will be adapted to their ability. All participants are educated in skateboard safety, which includes ways to fall that minimize injury. Girls are encouraged to attend.

Campers must be ages 8 – 16 (by June 1, 2021) in order to register for this camp. Participants must bring their own skateboard, helmet, and knee & elbow pads.

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