Bushika Adventures: Summer Costa Rica Student Trip: Informational Meeting, January 16th

Summer & Holiday Camps
East Bay Area
Preteens, Teens

Are you interested in Ethno-tourism and doing community service projects in an Indigenous community in Costa Rica? 

My husband and I offer and lead this unique program for Middle School students to Costa Rica. Students will travel to the Indigenous community, were I served as a Peace Corps volunteer and where my husband was born and raised. Our connection and commitment to the community provides students the opportunity to really experience another culture. We have been leading this program for the past 15 years. 

Students will have the opportunity to improve their Spanish, learn about the local Indigenous culture, participate in community service projects. see Costa Rican wildlife and make friends with the locals, while participating in numerous activities. 

The trip to Boruca, Costa Rica will be offered July 1st - July 16th and is open to Bay Area students currently enrolled in Middle School. The mission of Bushika Adventures is to foster friendship between students and peoples of different cultures. Members of the community work to delicately weave a program that allows students to learn about their culture while making friendships and providing sustainable service learning projects. Here is a short video from a previous trip in order to get a sense of the experience. You may also view additional videos and learn more at Bushika Adventures.

To learn more about the program, you are invited to attend the Informational Meeting which will be held, in the evening, on January 16th, 2019. Please email Pica Lockwood at costapica [at] yahoo.com for location information or to set up a meeting time. 

Pica Lockwood
costapica [at] yahoo.com