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Get extraordinary behavioral health care for your family, right from home

If you're feeling stressed out and so over the pandemic, you're not the only one. That's where Brightline comes in. We bring exceptional behavioral health care right to families when and where you need it. From online therapy to on-demand resources and tips for parents and caregivers, Brightline is here to help you and your kids through everything from the transition back to in-person school to stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD, and other common challenges.

With Brightline's app, you can access tips and guides, interactive exercises, and more anytime you need support for everyday challenges like stress, anxious thoughts, school challenges, or tough behavior like tantrums. Families can also access Brightline's skills-based coaching programs on topics like stress management and organizational skills, or see licensed therapists, psychiatrists, speech and language specialists, and others. 

  • Services include: Skills-based coaching programs, behavioral therapy, evaluation and medication support, speech therapy, support and resources for parents and caregivers
  • Ages Covered: 18 months-17 years old 
  • Conditions Covered: Everyday challenges and common childhood conditions including organizational skills, anxiety, depression, stress, sleep issues, disruptive behavior, ADHD, speech and language difficulties, and more

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